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Porterville Web Design gets the click or the call.

"Click" or "call"?

If you want more customers to your Porterville business, you either want a website visitor to...

  1. CLICK and send you an email or
  2. pick up the phone and CALL you.

Simple web design UNcomplicates the visitors experience.

Porterville Ecommerce

While they're on your business website you don't want to dazzle them with your intellect or impress them with your brilliance or tell them your life story.  

If you want to do that, do it on the phone.

Your website for your local business should have one goal...

Get the customer on the phone so you can sell them your product or service.

And that's all.

With simple web design we can get that accomplished...

Call us now and let us get you more customers with online marketing...

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Keep It Simple and smart (Kiss)

You want to keep your web design simple.  

Or as I like to say, “KISS It: Keep It Simple and Smart”.

In the online world, SIMPLE web design is smart.


Because your potential customers who visit your site don’t care about fancy graphics, doo-dads, and whirligigs.  Your potential customers come to your site because they're looking for someone they can trust, someone that knows what they're doing, and someone that has fair prices.

They're looking for SIMPLE information like your...

  • hours of business
  • your location
  • your phone number
  • special deals.

So, don't complicate things.  Don't get fancy.  Forget the “I'm so fancy” stuff.  Nobody cares.

Web design that works

Your potential customers are looking for simple information and a simple introduction to your business.

Do you really think your potential customer is coming to your business website to be entertained or impressed by how cool your site is?  Nope.

Take a look at Google.com.  The most visited site on the planet.  What do you see?  

Not much.  

Very simple.  

Do you see a bunch of news stories?  Videos?  Animated graphics?  Professional photographs?

Nope. None of that.  And yet people use Google by the hundreds of millions. Why?

Because Google provides a great service that people want to use over and over again....Quality Internet Search.

Porterville Web Design

What “great service” do you provide?

Whatever it is, make sure that your Porterville ecommerce site is focused on that.  Your site visitor wants to know what you can do for them.  Period.

What Can Porterville web design do for you?

Porterville Web Design Delivers Value.  Period.

Whether you're a roofer, electrician, house builder, dentist, lawyer, or taxi cab driver, we can get your phone ringing.  We'll get it ringing with high-value paying customers.

  • We'll design and build a site for your local Porterville business that is attractive and professional.

  • It's a site that ranks high in the search engines.  And that'll bring you free customers targeted to your business.

  • It's a site that answers the visitors basic questions.  While the main goal of your site should be to get the customer on the phone, you also want to answer some of their most basic curiosities.

  • You'll see results almost immediately.  Probably within the first week.

  • It's a site that is GUARANTEED to work.  If you're not seeing value from the site we've built for you we'll discount the price so it's fair...even if we have to refund every penny.

Who else would do that? NO ONE that's who.

Why would we take such a risk?  It's no risk because we know that we can get you more customers with our Porterville Web Design Services.

And once the customers start pouring into your business, you won't be calling to ask for a discount or a refund, you'll be calling to thank us for our services.

That's not arrogance, that's confidence. 

let us handle all your web design details

No need for you to worry about all the little details of web design, content writing, keyword research, search engine optimization, local listings, NAP citations, back linking, and on and on and on, blah blah blah.

Let Porterville Web Design handle the details while you handle your onslaught of new customers.

You do your job, we'll do ours.

Ya see...although what we do is generally covered under the terms, “Web Design”, “SEO”, “internet marketing”, "online marketing" etc, what we REALLY do is...

Bring you more customers.

Call me now and let's talk about how you can get what you want.  And how you can get more customers to your business via Porterville Ecommerce Web Design Services.

  • Free Consultation.
  • Free Evaluation of your current online presence.
  • Free Demonstration of getting your business ranked online in minutes.  Literally.
  • Some free customers to prove it works.

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