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Internet Marketing In Porterville, CA

Using internet marketing for your local Porterville business can help you crush the competition.

Don't want to “crush”?

Just want more customers?

Well, that's neighborly of ya!

Truth is, there's plenty of room in the Porterville area for multiple businesses selling the same service.  We're approaching a population of nearly 100,000 when you include the nearby towns and rural homes.

Whether your business is new or old, internet marketing should play an important roll.

Believe me, your competition is using the internet to market their business.

And since we're being good neighbors let's urge them to share some of those customers.

We are customer acquistition specialists.  

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Want More Customers?

Using our Porterville internet marketing strategies gets exactly that...

More Customers For Your Local Business.

The latest studies show that 90% of people looking for a local business search online.

And they will decided who to do business with based on where your business website is ranked in the search engines.

We used to pull out the phone book, Yellow Pages, or the local newspaper.

Not now.

Almost everyone has a computer in their pocket. The smart phone is taking over local business search.

You not only have to be online with a website but it has to rank high in the search engines AND be in the local listings.

So, step one of internet marketing for your Porterville business?...

Have A Website.

Your website doesn't have to be “special”.

It doesn't have to be flashy or slick. Porterville and other small communities don't care much for that. It slows download times and distracts from what the searcher is actually looking for...A good deal with a company they can trust.

Porterville Internet Marketing, Local Listings

Porterville internet marketing also includes submission and verification for the Search Engine Local Listings.

Do this right and you'll get at least two positions on page one of Google, the holy grail of search engines.

NAP Citations

Good internet marketing also includes multiple NAP (citations in the online aggregaters of local businesses.

NAP is Name, Address, Phone number. But don't stop there...

Fill that citation up with photos, descriptions, website URLs, and plenty of other info to make sure you get the most action for your business.


A properly built website, which is the focus of your Porterville internet marketing, must be SEO'd (search engine optimized) to get the coveted ranking on the first page of Googles results.

AND, and, and,...Backlinks are important too.

Staying In Touch

Also, remember to stay in contact with anyone interested in doing business with you. Get there email address and send special discounts and sales once in a while. They'll appreciate it.

Build It And They Will Come...”

No they won't.

Internet marketing has many, many facets to it. You can't just throw up a half-baked website and expect any serious traffic.

In the mid 1990s people said, “build it and the will come” and people did indeed come.

Not anymore my friend. The competition is heating up and your internet marketing website better be optimized professionally or it's all for naught.

Just look at all the websites on page 2 and 3 and 4 of Google. They’re getting virtually no traffic.

Only 3% of searchers ever go beyond page 1 of Google.

The Good News?

We can get you there.

And we can get customers calling you ASAP. No need for you to worry about all the details I described above.

We got ya covered.

Let us get your Porterville internet marketing program set up so we can start sending you customers.

We'll send you the first few customers for free just to prove we can do it.

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