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Porterville Advertising.
Top 5 Ways

If you want to advertise in Porterville, you have five standard ways of getting new business...but only one really works well...

The problem with the traditional Porterville advertising methods is that they can get really really expensive.

And the results are not always stellar.

Plus the costs can be extravagant.

But don't fret...There is one way in particular that works EXTREMELY well.

The top 5 are listed below but why waste time?

The number one way to advertise your local business is to create an...


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So let's take a look at the top 5 most common ways, counting down from 5 to 1, that you can get new customers to your local Porterville business.

Porterville Advertising's Top 5

Here are 5 ways to advertise in Porterville. #1 is very effective, and affordable, and the others...not so much.

And the countdown begins...

5. Porterville Recorder:  This is the old standby. Unfortunately very few people are reading newspapers nowadays and the Porterville Recorder is no exception. 

People lately have been opting to use the internet for news.  They're using the computer in their pocket. Right? Their smartphone. 

Does anybody really read the paper newspaper anymore? 

And have you checked the prices of advertising in the Porterville recorder lately? Scary! 

Plus, it can be very difficult to monitor how much business you're actually getting from that ad. The only way to know for sure is to print a coupon in the ad that the customer can cut out and bring in. 

Or you can actually get a brand new phone line with a new phone number to print in the ad. That way anybody calling in on that phone number can be tracked.

Fortunately there are better ways and more affordable ways to do your Porterville advertising.

4. KTIP Radio: Radio has been shown to be extremely effective for Porterville advertising...if you can afford it! 

Just like the Porterville Recorder, radio advertising is sold in big packages and can be very expensive. And again, it's very difficult to track how many customers you are actually getting from these radio ads. 

You can't print a coupon in radio. Some people have tried saying something like this, "...mention this radio ad and receive 10% off your next purchase". But most people are not comfortable walking in or calling your local business and saying something like that. 

Once again you can always get a brand new phone number and use that exclusively in the radio ad but that creates another expense and more work that frankly the standard business owner doesn't want to be hassled with. 

Truth is, you should be focused on your business. If you're a roofer, you should be focused on getting roofs replaced and repaired. 

Right?  I mean, you didn't get into the roofing business to become a marketer or Porterville advertising executive!

So, again, although radio can be effective, it's expensive.  And you really don't know if you're getting your money's worth.

3. Porterville Save A Buck: I love the Save A Buck.  I use it all the time to find used furniture and car parts. 

And doing some Porterville advertising in the local Save A Buck is not very expensive. 

That's the good news.

But the not-so-good news is that only a small percentage of Portervillians actually pick one up and read it. 

And those that do are looking mostly for used items that they can get a great deal on. They're probably not looking for your roofing company, carpet cleaning company, accountant business, etc. 

It becomes a "luck of the draw" type of advertising.  Maybe a few of the people who are reading the Save A Buck are also thinking of getting their carpet cleaned, and you might get their business. But you have to show up right in front of them at the exact time that they're thinking of getting that service accomplished.  That's pretty hard to do.

So, the big problem is...It's hit and miss.

2. Porterville Transit:  Really?

How effective can your logo and a few words on the side of a Porterville bus or building really be? I don't know the stats on this but I'm guessing, "not very effective". I also don't know what they charge but I'd bet it's not worth it.

Let the casinos, with their deep pockets, waste their money on transit advertising.

And the #1 way to advertise your Porterville business, and way out in front by 7 1/2 lengths...

1. Porterville Advertising Via Website and Internet Presence:  Studies show that 90% of people in America, who are looking for a local business, search on the internet first.

 And like I said they have a computer with internet access in their pocket at all times...

They pull out their smart-phone, they type in "Porterville accountant" (or whatever), and BOOM, they immediately have 5 or 6 to pick from. 

If you're on the first page of the Google results in their organic listings (totally do-able), or the Google 7 pack (which is the local listings...also totally do-able), or you actually paid for an ad (which is not completely necessary but, yep, do-able) you're almost certainly going to get a call.

summing up porterville's top 5 in advertising

That's the end of the list.  

Very few traditional advertising methods work any more.

And if you're thinking Yellow Pages or Mail Pieces or Door Hangers, you still end up running into the same problems...

  • With Yellow Pages not many people will ever see it.  
  • With Mailings and Door Hangers most of the people who see it are not interested at this time.
  • And billboards?  Forget it...

Just like most of the advertising mentioned above, viewers are untargeted...BUT ONLINE you can target your customers with smart web design and showing up when they search for your service.

Doesn't it make more sense to put your business information in front of your potential customer WHEN THEY ARE LOOKING FOR IT?

If you are really interested in getting new customers, and more bang for your Porterville advertising buck, completely risk-free, I'll be happy to send you some this week. Just call me at 559-201-0211 right now and I'll send customers to your local Porterville, CA business. 


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