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About Me And My Stuff

High-dee-ho Good Neighbor...Yes, that's me in the photo above. I admit it, I sometimes take selfies.  I also admit that I'm not much of a photographer.

My name is Darren P.D. Walker and I write this from my hidden rustic cabin somewhere in the foothills above Porterville, CA.

This is where the magic happens. I create websites for businesses all over California, USA, and beyond into the nether regions of the galaxy.

Porterville CabinNot really my cabin...

I do a lot of stuff actually...Primarily I do SEO and get local businesses ranking and banking, it's what I'm best at. But I also have a jewelry company, sell products online, do creative writing, and even tinker with a little bit of farming here and there.

Long story short...I'm eclectic...but balanced.

I'm a team..."we're" a team...

I also am part of a team of world-wide SEOers and web designers. We talk, chat, text, Skype, and generally shoot the boloney about best SEO practices. We test and re-test new ideas then share what's working and what's not.

We've pretty much got it down pat at this point.

As a team, we have over 1,000 local websites that are actively generating new customers day, night, morning, afternoon, dusk, and twilight...

Hey, the internet is open 24 hours and so are our sites. They're employees that never take a break or complain about their health insurance.

So, here's the bottom line...

We help local businesses generate millions in new sales that they otherwise would have lost to their competitors.

Me and my team get customers by...

Not really my team...
  • Building simple but attractive websites
  • Ranking those sites in Google and the other search engines
  • Listing businesses in Local Online Listings
  • Flooding the market with online citations
  • And some other trade secrets that we keep close to our collective vest
  • Why do we do it?

    It's fun. It helps our neighbors. It helps our local economies. It makes us feel good.

    And, of course, we're good at it and we make a good living doing it.

    So, here's how it works...

    1. An owner or manager of a local business calls me.
    2. We talk.
    3. I send some free customers.
    4. They're impressed and ask for more.

    No games, no hardcore salesmanship, just great value provided for a fair price.

    • You Win=You get more customers, more sales, more profits.
    • Your New Customers Win=They acquired the service or product they needed.
    • We Win=We've made a new friend and a new client.

    how to get more customers...

    Now, let's get you some new customers before they move on to your competitor. Here's what to do next...

    1. Call me at (559) 201-0211

    2. We have a nice chat.

    3. We come to an agreement and I send you some free customers for your business.


    Operators are standing by...I'm the operator by the way.

    Porterville Web Design operatorNot really my operator...

    (559) 201-0211

    Sincerely Sincere,
    Darren P.D. Walker
    Since 1966”

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